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logo inverse  The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME) is a modern and practice-oriented educational and research institution. It is situated in Brno, Czech Republic, and is part of the Brno University of Technology. FME provides its students with a high quality education of all tertiary-levels: Bachelor’s programmes, Master’s programmes and doctoral programmes. 

Costs of study

The cost of living in the Czech Republic is relatively low. You will be able to live comfortably without spending large sums. For basic expenses you will need approximately EUR 400 per month. Tuition fee is EUR 3.000 per academic year.


The faculty has modern and well-equipped laboratories available for teaching, research and development activities. Research and teaching are comprehensive and to a high standard. FME is evaluated as one of the best-performing research institutions in the Czech Republic.


Studies are interconnected with practical application. Close cooperation with industrial partners is among the faculty’s top priorities. During studies students participate in solving real life problems for partner companies and cooperate with experts from the field.

0% unemployment rate

The faculty graduates have no difficulties in finding a job. Graduate unemployment is not an issue for the faculty. The Czech Republic is a country with nearly 0% unemployment rate of mechanical engineers. Start up your career in the Czech Republic.

FME: your Future in
the Middle of Europe

  • a country with a long tradition of quality technical education
  • a country with a strong history of mechanical engineering
  • a country among the TOP TEN safest countries in the world
  • a country with lower costs of living
  • a country of unique historic sites

Choose your way

Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering

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This course is perfect for students who are still not decided about their future.

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Mathematical Engineering

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Mathematical engineering is good choice for people which are not sure if they want to study mathematics or computing technology.

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Physical Engineering and Nanotechnology

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Why IPE? What I appreciate most about IPE (Institute of Physical Engineering) is its flexibility. You can specialize by your interests.

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Applied Computer Science and Control

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In high school I became interested in programming. Study of Applied Engineering was the right choice for me. 

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Live BUT

With its excellent research outcomes, international recognition, and hundred-year tradition, Brno University of Technology ranks among the most sought after universities in Central Europe. It offers a broad scale of engineering, scientific, economic, and artistic programmes. In more than 115 years, the university has come to be an internationally respected educational, scientific and research institution.



BUT CAN ... accommodate students in 5 halls of residence, most of them at the Pod Palackeho vrchem campus, mostly in double rooms. Almost all services are located in its vicinity — canteens, sports campus and a university club. Two BUT accommodation facilities were among the TOP 3 in the Czech competition for the best halls of residence, which testifies to their good quality. A study room, TV room, bicycle room, music room with a piano and a photographic room, laundry rooms with clothes dryers etc., are here for you.


BUT HAS ... many catering facilities available both to students and employees. Apart from the usual canteens with modern equipment, there are snack bars, cafés, a pizzeria and a club. There is a broad choice of menus in the form of hot and cold, made to-order and vegetarian meals there. You can get vegetable and fruit salads with the main courses as well as fruits, and a variety of beverages and desserts. Pleasant cafés and bars are ideal for relaxing and meeting friends. There is a computerized food services system for on-line ordering and cash free payment with your student cards.


BUT HAS ...very good facilities for sports activities and is thus able to offer students about 50 different sports at 5 performance levels, such aerobics, badminton, bowling, indoor cycling, swimming, horse-back riding and squash. In addition, athletic surfaces, which have obtained first class IAAF certificate (the only one in the Czech Republic), now match the Olympic quality.

International students club

BUT SUPPORTS ...the ISC. Its main intention is to provide help concerning everyday matters and possible problems during your stay in Brno. Another part of ISC work is to ensure that the student stay is enjoyable by organizing trips, excursions and other free time activities. ISC helps students integrate with their new environment.

Student LIFE

Lectures, exams, projects, a library? Yes, but that is not all! Enjoy your student life!
Are you interested in culture? You are in the right place because Brno is also a city of culture. You can visit various galleries, museums, concerts, festivals, and music clubs. Like to keep active? Various sports events take place all over the year and many sports facilities are here for you any time you want them. Are you keen on travelling? Brno’s perfect location at the heart of Europe offers you the opportunity to travel all over the Czech Republic and out across the continent. You will also be pleasantly surprised by our city’s public transport system. Even at night you can easily reach any part of the city. And, by the way, do you like Czech beer?


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Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, is known as a centre of science, research and innovation. It has a specific atmosphere with a strong "student spirit" everywhere. Brno is a city with a fascinating history which offers many cultural, sports and leisure activities throughout the year. You will enjoy it!

I want it all!

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