Bachelor's degree programme B3A

Branch: Industrial Design

Academic year: 2019/20

Guarantor: doc. akad. soch. Ladislav Křenek, ArtD.


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Characteristics of the branch

Industrial Design (ID) is a discipline combining technical skills, art and science. The objective of ID at the Department of Industrial Design of the Institute of Machine and Industrial Design FME VUT is to bridge the gap between man and technology so as to humanize technical education. The students will be attending specialization in Industrial Design, which combine technical, theoretical courses with basic art and design courses (drawing, modeling, type, design workshops, ergonomics etc.), courses of computer graphics and information technologies (2D, 3D, modelling, animation). The course of study puts emphasis on preparing the student to be a complex, creative person, capable of expressing via drawing and model documentation.

Learning outcomes and competences

The graduates will acquire knowledge of the essential engineering, technical theory, and information technologies fields, as well the basic methods of design creation. They will study some particular cases of such applications in workshop courses and they will be taught how to use their skills efficiently to solve design problems. Thus the Bachelor's degree graduates will be both theoretically and practically equipped to find their place in the market.

Entry requirements

Completed secondary-school education and successfully passed entrance examination (if not remitted by the dean).

  • Secondary educational qualification with a school-leaving examination.
  • Passing talent test consisting of three tasks, student's portfolio and interview.
  • Passing written part of entrance examination at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (if is not waived by the Dean).

Career prospects

During first three years (bachelor degree) of study student will obtain basic knowledge of mechanical engineering integrated with basic proficiency in Industrial design and Visual communication design. Following the Bachelor Degree, comes a two year Masters Degree program, which will extend proficiency and provide specialization. It is recommended to continue to the Bachelor ID studies in the Masters Degree program. Designer with engineering education is well accepted on the job market. Graduates are employed in all fields of the economy, especially the industrial sphere (i.e. Skoda Auto) as well as with design and graphic companies. Graduates have the background for pedagogical and scientific duties and also abilities for marketing and managerial positions.

Advanced courses

Graduates from the Bachelor's degree Industrial design programme may continue their study in an identical two-year follow-up programme to receive a Master's degree of "ing.".

Study stays abroad, international cooperation

Department of Industrial Design cooperates with partnership schools from The Slovak Republic (FA STU Bratislava; FU TU Kosice) and has contacts with other design schools across Europe (Glasgow, Rotterdam, Salzburg, etc.), Asia and America with membership in the International Network of Industrial Design Schools created by ICSID (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design).

Special offer

Students can participate both in many design competitions and take part in the design exhibitions. In past years, students have got leading awards in competitions such as Red Dot, Czech National Award for Student Design, Auto Design, Design Sapporo, Coram Design, Electrolux Design Laboratory, Roca Design, Mobitex, Michelin Design, Young Packaging Design, Talent of design, Zebra Design, BIO Ljubljana, etc. Students have had exhibits in the the Technical Museum in both Brno and Prague, on Prague Design Week etc.c.

Study adviser:

Ing. Dana Rubínová, Ph.D., tel: (+420) 541 142 892, e-mail: