Science and Technology

NETME Centre

NETME Centre – New Technologies for Mechanical Engineering – is a centre based on high quality research and development of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Brno University of Technology.

An excellent international research team is to commence research at the NETME Centre

An international research team supervised by Professor Jiri Klemes is starting a new project called Sustainable Process Integration Laboratory (SPIL) at the NETME Centre.

Realistic Transparent Human Lung Model

Scientists from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, BUT created a Realistic Transparent Human Lung Model. Experts in the development of inhalable drugs it chose as a reference model. It will be the European standard for testing and experimentation.

Multimodal Holographic Microscope

A team of scientists from FME have designed a unique multimodal holographic microscope, which makes it possible to observe living cells without using contrast agent.

Victor Kaplan’s Department of Hydraulic Machines FME BUT introduced unique turbine

Scientists from Victor Kaplan´s Department of Hydraulic Machines FME BUT designed a worldwide unique two-stage swirl turbine in a cascade arrangement.


The Institute of Aerospace Engineering was part of an ambitious project 7RP EU SPARTAN from 2011 to 2014. The goal was to develop a hybrid, highly throttleable rocket engine (H2O2 / paraffin) and test it in an interplanetary probe demonstrator.


Scientists from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, BUT have developed an airplane with electric engine VUT 051 RAY, which had its first take off in August 2014.

Manually adjustable prosthetic finger offers new possibilities for people after amputation

Scientists from the Institute of Machine and Industrial Design at FME BUT have opened up new possibilities for people after amputation of fingers thanks to the development of a manually adjustable prosthetic finger. This prosthesis makes possible a grasp of objects with a maximum of comfort for users. Thanks to its use people after amputation get slightly nearer their former lives.

Scientists have invented cleaning system for fibre heat exchangers

In the Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Laboratory at FME BUT, the team led by professor Miroslav Raudenský has devoted itself on a long-term basis to research and development of hollow fibre heat exchangers. Another innovation in this field is a cleaning system for fibre heat exchangers which is, in comparison to other technical solutions, energy saving and efficient at the same time.

Multipurpose float with reactive drive

This time creativity of BUT scientists has taken an unexpected turn. From a construction perspective simple and cheap float is suitable for relaxation and sport purposes. It also widens the possibilities of saving a drowning person if it is used as a lifebuoy. Innovation of a commonly used safety device has led to registration of a utility design.

Manipulator for automatic exchange of tools originates from BUT scientists

A scientific team from FME BUT has designed a device for an automatic exchange of tools at CNC milling machines. A technical solution brings not only general advantages of automation but also simplification and a significant decrease in costs of producing the manipulator. Thus it has a wide market use. The device is industrially protected for its innovation

VUT 061 TURBO Maiden flight

The first flight of a new experimental airplane VUT 061 TURBO was made on August 13, 2013 at the airport in Hencova near Jihlava. This single-seater is another interesting machine that comes from university.