Master's degree programme M2A

Branch: Industrial Design

Academic year: 2019/20

Guarantor: doc. akad. soch. Ladislav Křenek, ArtD.


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Characteristics of the branch

Industrial design is a discipline combining technical skills, art and science. The objective of ID at the Department of Industrial Design of the Institute of Machine and Industrial Design FME BUT is to implement design aesthetic aspects in the technical education so as to humanize the relationship between technology and people. The course of study puts emphasis on preparing the student to be a complex creative personality able to design products produced by repeated type of production especially in the light and heavy engineering. Teaching is based on an individual approach to students who present their work primarily through drawing and model documentation. The Master's program of Industrial Design studies includes the following areas of design: 1/ technological units - the means of production, tools and hardware, power equipment 2/ means of transport 3/ environmental design, sustainable design, operational and information graphics, industrial interior elements 4/ instrumentation – consumer electronics, optics, medical appliances, informatic and audiovisual appliances.

Learning outcomes and competences

The graduates will acquire more profound knowledge of methods of design creation. Thus, thanks to the knowledge of the essential engineering and design fields acquired with the studies, the graduates will obtain both the theoretical and practical background needed to finding jobs in design practice as leaders of design teams of various fields, or as free-lance designers.

Entry requirements

Admission requirements are:  Bachelor’s degree in Industrial design programme gained at FME, or in another branch with corresponding course structure gained at another faculty or school  in the case of candidates from other faculties, strong motivation to study arising from previous study or other creative results of the covering letter and portfolio work  successfully completed written part of the entrance examination (if not remitted by the dean)  very good results in Bachelor’s study, especially in the field of industrial design  very good results at the state finals Bachelor's degree with an emphasis on the quality of the final work.

Career prospects

Students obtain in the master’s study programme grounding in Industrial Design creation. Leading awards at competitions (such as Red Dot, Czech National Award for Student Design, Auto Design, Design Sapporo, Coram design, Michelin design, Electrolux Design Laboratory, Roca design, Mobitex, Young Packaging Design, Talent of Design, Zebra Design, BIO Ljubljana, etc.), successful exhibitions (in the Technical Museum in Brno, University galleries in Pilsen, Ústí n/L, Zlín, on Czech Design Week etc.) are a proof of the quality of the PDS teaching program. Designer with engineering education is well accepted on the job market. Graduates are employed in all fields of the economy, especially the industrial sphere (i.e. Skoda Auto) as well as with design and graphic companies. Graduates have the background for pedagogical and scientific duties but also abilities for marketing and managerial positions.

Advanced courses

The best graduates are expected to continue their study in a Doctor's degree programme at our Faculty.

Study stays abroad, international cooperation

Department of Industrial Design cooperates with partnership schools from The Slovak Republic (FA STU Bratislava; FU TU Kosice) and has contacts with other design schools across Europe (Glasgow, Rotterdam, Salzburg, etc.), Asia and America with affilation with the International Network of Industrial Design Schools created by ICSID (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design).

Study adviser:

Ing. Dana Rubínová, Ph.D., tel: (+420) 541 142 892, e-mail: